Hacking Siglent SSA3021x


In a while here will be some information about hacking the Siglent SSA3021x Spectrum Analyzer.

Testec HZ 22


Testec HZ 22 Durchgangsabschluss

70MHz Medium Power Amplifier

The transverter for the 70MHz band is allmost ready, just the aligment and mounting it in the housing has to be done.

To get some more power I designed a PCB for the amplifier which is now on its way from a PCB-manufacturer in China. I hope it will arrive soon so I can finish the project before we are allowed to transmit on the 4 meter band here in the Netherlands.

Current Shunt Monitor

To monitor the current of the 70MHz PA I'm designing a PCB with a Current Shunt Monitor.

The current will be converted with an INA169 (Current Shunt Monitor, Burr Brown) and buffered with an OPA2340 (Opamp, Burr Brown).



70MHz Transverter and Amplifier

At the moment I'm building some stuff for the 70MHz band. The transverter is allmost ready, just some alignment mut be done. The amplifier is in design stage now.

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PACC 2011 at SWL Station NL-9884

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